EBO Reviews

It was our first time here and we had the absolute best experience ever! The staff was very nice, gentle, and fast! They made our 5 year old very comfortable by telling her what they were doing the whole time, when they did the work it was very efficient! I switched providers and I will continue to take my children here for there dental needs!

-Jessica H. (10/28/2016)

We’ve had a great experience going to EbO for both my kids. The older one is a cautious and less easy child when going to the dentist. They’ve handled him and our anxiousness with ease and willingness to work with us so he doesn’t gain any fears going. That in turn makes all of us more relaxed. We may all not be completely comfortable yet but I’m confident we’ll figure things out easier with the help of EbO.

-M. Droz (09/18/2016)

Our visit was driven by needing a second opinion and cavity removal, which couldn’t be completed by our family dentist. They were able to accommodate our schedule by completing the exam and procedure on the same day. My son had a great experience, successful procedure and wants to see this dentist again.

-J. Dickson (09/24/2016)

Our son has been going to Everyone By One for the past couple years and from the very first visit it’s always been a consistent 5 star experience. Every staff member greets you with a smile and are great with the children. The doctors are the best! You can see they truly love what they do. If you are looking for a children’s dentist, I highly recommend Everyone By One. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made! My son is always so happy when I let him know he has a dentist appointment soon. A smile crosses his face and says “Yay!!!!”

-Jane Yuen (09/24/2016)

“My three year old just had his first visit at Everyone By One in Bellevue yesterday and we had an amazing experience. I was so worried before the appointment because prior to this, the word “dentist” brought terror and tears for our anxious little boy. But everyone there was so sensitive, understanding and caring, he did great! And, we have been playing “dentist” at home ever since. His favorite part is passing out prizes to all of his patients!”

-C.V. (May 2016)

“Our family is fortunate to have found this dental practice. Every visit we have had has been focused on the child, teaching them responsibility and independence. My 3 year old was so scared with her first visit but by her second visit, she reached for the dental hygienist’s hand and disappeared for a full cleaning and check up. Dental visits for my 7 year old daughter with down syndrome often ended with some protest and partial exams until we found this dental practice. By her 3rd visit, she was happy to have her teeth cleaned – a miracle for a child with oral sensitivity issues. It is clear the staff understands children and makes the experience of going to the dentist a positive one. The dentist treats each child like his own. I would not take our children anywhere else.”

-Anonymous (July 2014)

“Did not see anything that needs to be changed! Front desk personnel was extremely friendly & helpful; dental technicians very endearing to my grandson – he didn’t even get car sick after leaving (dentists make him extremely nervous). I enjoyed the visit very much and how well everyone and everything was handled. Yes I will/have referred your clinic to someone already and will in the future.”

-J.D. (July 2014)

“Extraordinary experience! I feared my daughter would panic. But everyone (front desk, nurse, doctor) here were so NICE and really good at working with small/unpredictable kids. Will highly recommend this office to other mothers.”

-C.W. (July 2014)

“I really had a great time lying on the table, getting my teeth tickled clean and everyone was so kind to me and talked to me about what they were doing so there were no surprises. I really liked that I could watch a movie with special glasses. Thanks for taking care of my teeth, I love visiting you!”

-M.S. (June 2014)

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“The entire staff and experience was stellar, as always. They took care and time to ensure my kids were comfortable, did a thorough review for the check-up, and spent time reviewing all the details and next steps plan with me. Couldn’t have had a better experience, love this place and have recommended Dr. Thomas to many over the years :) Thank you for all that you do!”

-C.Y. (June 2014)

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“The best dental experience I’ve ever had. Thank you so much Dr. Thomas and staff. You were all so friendly, helpful, and supportive. We will sing your praises!”

-B.B. (June 2014)

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“I love this place. My daughter is 9 years old and this is the first time I feel comfortable with my daughter’s dental hygiene. The way the doctor takes the time to explain and to ensure that I have all my questions answered is amazing. Also my 4 year old loves coming in here. Even though she has had major procedures done. She loves it. Totally recommend.”

-A.O. (June 2014)

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“You can tell everyone by one cares. I had a lot of questions and didn’t feel rushed like other places. Every question was answered and I was reassured.”

-E.W. (June 2014)

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“When I was a kid I hated the dentist and cried so hard it actually made my dentist stop seeing children. I think he was partly to blame for not making it a safe place for me. I am sooo happy that this is the opposite experience from what my daughter is having! Yesterday she skipped in to her appointment saying “Mommy, this is so fun!” She left just as happy, and that makes me one happy mama. Thanks!”

-M.K. (June 2014)

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“I love Dr. Thomas. He is amazing; he does not sugar things up. I love that he makes the kids responsible not just parents. He could easily tell me “your child needs to brush better.” He tells the patient what needs to be done and how they can be responsible and make better choices for themselves. My daughter who is another patient of Dr. Thomas fears “the dentist” but the staff and Dr. are amazing. They make it her choice of when she is ready and explain everything that is going to happen first baby steps. She is still shy, but she no longer cries when at the office. You guys are super stars I only wish you did adults as well so I could become a client. Thank you!”

-J.C. (May 2014)

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“I was very impressed with this office.  My experience was great from the very start!  From the time I spoke with the staff on the phone, they went above and beyond my expectations.  My experience with this dental office is the best I’ve ever had.  When I walked in, I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist by name!  The dental assistants were amazing with my little one and took the time to explain good brushing and gave me great advice!  One even held and calmed my infant son so I could finish filling out paperwork!  The doctor was great.  He explained to me why my little one has so many cavities and explained ways to prevent the same thing from happening to my infant.  I was given a referral to two different offices, and I called the one that sounded friendlier on my voicemail first.  I’m so glad I was referrend, and chose here!”

-I.N. (April 2014)

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“I am very pleased that they took on the challenge of my daughter who suffers anxiety when so many other business would not. Your team is amazing. My daughter felt very comfortable.”

-M.A. (April 2014)

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“This was my son’s first time going back on his own and everyone including Dr. Thomas’s kids made it fun and comfortable for him. They let him touch and explore and I know he’s going to be begging to go back soon.”

-O.O. (April 2014)

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“Thank you so much for seeing us urgently during your time off. Your attention to your patients and your willingness to go the extra mile were definitely noticed. We appreciate it so much!”

-C.B. (April 2014)

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“Dr. Thomas and the assistant took the time to really explain everything to me. I love the way they slowly help the child adjust to what could be a scary experience. I think my daughter will look forward to going to the dentist in the future.”

-A.F. (March 2014)

  • • •

“The experience was great. I appreciated Dr. Thomas explaining to me the various ways we could pursue treatment and leaving the decision to us. I also appreciated his bedside manner with my son.”

-T.T. (March 2014)

  • • •

“I would like to thank you, your assistant and Dr. Thomas. It was my son’s first dental appointment. We couldn’t have better experience at all. He was very happy, and talking about his visit when he went to daycare.”

-C.G. (March 2014)

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“Another fantastic visit! Everyone by One is a model of efficiency and service.”

-E.C. (March 2014)

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“Our son’s hygienist went out of her way to show patience and kindness to him and his younger brother during their visit. I really like the way Dr. Thomas addressed and explained all of my concerns. He also took the time to say hello to my children who did not have appointments that day. Thank you for a great visit!”

-H.H. (January 2014)

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“Your front office was great. We were greeted warmly and our insurance mix up was fixed while we waited. My 4-year old asked your front office staff all kinds of questions and they responded with smiles every time. Our hygienist Lauren was patient and kind. OUr son was worried about his visit , and she took things very slow. My sister highly recommended your office and I can see why. Thank you.”

-J.H. (January 2014)