Baby Teeth are Important

Frequent snacking can increase your child’s cavity risk!

While it’s recommended that eating smaller, scheduled meals throughout the day can help prevent childhood obesity, it can also cause tooth decay! Frequent snacking – or “grazing” – is becoming a major source of tooth decay in children.

Teeth go through a healing process between meals as our saliva naturally remineralizes our teeth from the acidic attacks caused from normal eating. When kids snack on sticky foods such as crackers or fruit chews, the result is a constant attack on the teeth that breaks down the enamel and makes some more susceptible to cavities.

Here are some more things about snacking that might surprise you:

  • How often kids snack (not just what they eat), can be harmful to their teeth. Teeth need breaks between meals to remineralize.
  • Carbs cause cavities? Starchy foods like bagels and crackers quickly turn to sugar and easily get stuck on the grooves of the teeth. The longer they sit there, the higher the risk.
  • Fruit strips, fruit chews, fruit juice = not really fruit. The main ingredient is sugar EVEN if the product is “all-natural” or “organic”. What’s more, it gets stuck on teeth and eats through enamel.

You may be thinking, “They’re just baby teeth”. But think again. Baby teeth are important for several important functions. They help with chewing and speaking. They help to shape the face and guide the permanent teeth into place. Here are some tips on keeping your kid’s teeth healthy and strong:

  • Choose healthy snacks like cheese, yogurt, veggies and fresh fruit. Limit cavity causers like cookies, candy, crackers, juice, energy sport drinks and soda.
  • Eat and drink in one sitting instead of sipping and snacking all day. If you choose to have sweets or juice, do so with your meal and wash them down with water.
  • Cavities are 99.9% preventable. Make sure to brush kids’ teeth twice a day with a small amount of toothpaste – a grain of rice sized amount until the age of 2, and then a pea sized amount after that. Floss once nightly when the teeth touch.
  • Get your kids’ teeth checked by a pediatric dentist by their first birthday, and then twice a year after that to ensure changes or concerns are addressed early!


March News

Dear EBO Family,

Wow! This past year has been quite a year of changes at Everyone by One. We are so grateful to the many families that consider EBO their home and wanted to thank you for your commitment and trust to our practice. We have had so many fun moments meeting your families and we really look forward to serving all your children’s needs in the future.

In this last year of new ownership, Dr. Chung and Dr. Kim have intentionally tried to meet each family and each patient.  Our hope was that you would appreciate that regardless of which dentist you saw, the level of service and care you experienced would be one centered around your child. Your child’s well-being is our first priority. 

As we continue this year, we felt it appropriate to share with you some upcoming changes and exciting announcements. Both our dentists have recently introduced new baby daughters to their families. We all know how important family is and how much attention our children need in the first year of life. To help with this transition and with our desire to spend more time with family, Dr. Thomas will be stepping in from time to time.

Some of you have already had the privilege and blessing to have known Dr. Thomas over the last ten years. We are so excited for his partnership in this season of our lives and know that you will be in great hands.

On another note, our Lynnwood office has been steadily growing and we thank you for referring your friends and family. Should you need a last minute appointment or have an emergency that needs attention, please consider this location as another option – you will be met with the same team, the same smiles and the same dentists.

Stay tuned for more updates!

With thanks,

Your friendly dentists at Everyone by One.

A personal note to parents

We know not everyone has gotten the word about early visits, and maybe you suspect your child already has some oral health problems. Trust your gut feeling and come on in! Your parental instincts are probably correct, and we are here to pave the way to future healthy smiles.

Our approach has to do more with you than you might think. We want to earn your trust. If we invest the time and impart the knowledge, then the application will naturally allow us to provide less invasive treatments. But this process is truly a partnership between parents, children, and our team.

EBO offers a complete array of pediatric dental services to restore your child back to optimal oral health, so they can continue being kids. Our treatment philosophy is tailored to every individual – each sibling, each age group, each different cognitive development stage, and most importantly, each personality. The thing that makes children so special is that they are all unique. So we treat them that way. We offer specialized pediatric dental care that is well thought out, simply explained, and of the best intentions.

And let’s be honest, cavities and oral health problems can be a real nuisance and a financial strain on family budgets. So to give every family access to the care they need, we are a preferred provider for almost every insurance company. This way, you can worry less about non-coverage and concentrate more on your child’s health.

Finally, there is a generation of parents that have had a bad dental story. For that I’m truly sorry. But if you – or your child – are in that category, Everyone By One is rewriting the history books where positive experiences will be building blocks for a lifetime of overall health.